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SEDD receives Sharjah Youth Council


HE Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, Chairman of Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD”, received Nada Abdullah Al Turaifi, Head of Sharjah Youth Council and Ahmed bu Kalah, member of Sharjah Youth Council in the presence of number of departments’ directors and head of sections. The meeting was held in order to discuss means of cooperation and to strength coordination between the two parties. Also, it aimed to look into the formation of youth councils in government as well as local institutions and departments under the Youth Government in the country.

At the beginning of the meeting, HE SEDD Chairman welcomed the delegation expressing his gratitude for their efforts in the emirate and its role to promote various cooperation relations and accelerating the development and leadership process towards the global challenges.

HE SEDD Chairman stressed that the Department works according to the wise vision of HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, to implement the values of giving in the youth and invest them in meeting the aspirations and orientations of the wise leadership in empowering them and developing their abilities. Such a thing will help in qualifying the youth ones to become leaders in the future and to build an integrated generation that is capable of exploring and leading in the future.

HE pointed that the method that SEDD adopts in preparing its strategy is considered a developed one. Thus, it was placed with the participation of the employees and according to the conditions in the Emirate of Sharjah to ensure the sustainable development process.

Besides, HE clarified that throughout the past three years, the Department worked with the universities and educational centers as well as paid attention to supporting student cadres. All of this is done according to the wise vision of HH Ruler of Sharjah whom made Sharjah a place for science and knowledge as well as laid the foundations of competitiveness and excellence in education as the best recruitment in the development process that is the investment in human resources. Also, the Chairman noted that supporting the knowledge-based economy and developing innovation are two key components in the growth of licenses in the emirate.

In addition, HE said that the Department is keen to exchange visits with various institutions and departments in the framework of its keenness to strengthen the various cooperation relations and speed up the development processes and the mutual work system. It is done in order to find outputs that serve all parties to improve the levels of service provided to investors, which is in the direction of the emirate towards building a strong and solid economy characterized by knowledge and sustainability and a one that will enhance the competitiveness of the country at the global level.

He also pointed out that the department has completed the digital transformation by 100%. It should be noted that SEDD services have become digital and available on smart phones and electronic gates, which will enhance Sharjah's position on the global investment map.

It is worth mentioning that the digital transformation is one of the most important initiatives adopted by SEDD whereas it has worked very hard to attain. The Department adopts such a thing to establish an attractive business environment characterized by competitiveness according to international standards. All of this is done within its keenness to achieve one of the most important objectives of its strategic plan in the economic development sector is the development of services provided to customers and strategic partners.

Furthermore, HE stated that SEDD pays great attention to spreading the culture of entrepreneurship to the young initiatives of the commercial projects in order to enhance its leading role in supporting youth projects in accordance with the vision and directives of HH Ruler of Sharjah to help citizens to emerge in the market and support their initiatives and ideas.

Moreover, the Chairman explained that he will be pursuing the process of establishing the youth council in the Department to enable young people to meet their needs in the belief of the importance of young people who seek to renaissance of the country and society.

From her side, Nada Abdullah Al Turaifi, Head of Sharjah Youth Council, said that within the wise directives of HH Ruler of Sharjah, the youth has been developed as a prime work program for many years. She carried on that the youth councils will work to develop the best policies and future plans to support young people. She added that the youth will participate in the implementation of these plans, according to the ambitions and hopes of young people who are working to raise the level of their scientific and practical skills.

In the end of the meeting, the delegation expressed its gratitude and thanks for SEDD’s hospitality. It has emphasized on the importance of strengthening cooperation and coordination with the Department, which contributes to the development of the mutual work system to find outputs that serve all parties.