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SEDD signs MOU with Khadamaty Al Mumyza Businessmen Services Center


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” and Khadamaty Al Mumyza Businessmen Services Center signed a memorandum of understanding “MOU”. The agreement provides e-services for business centers and SEDD e-services for the customers outside the Department's branches such as initial approval, commercial name preservation, renewal of the license, updating the license holder's data, and booking the date of the technical evaluation. It is worth mentioning that the agreement comes within SEDD’s concerns to facilitate business activities, enhance channels of communication with customers, provide time for businessmen and investors to carry out their transactions with ease, and to go in line with the Department’s plan for the e-shifting. 

The agreement was signed by HE Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, and Mr. Mohamed Taj Al-Din, the owner of the license.  The signing ceremony was also attended by a number of officials from the Department of Economic Development.

HE SEDD Chairman said that service centers are considered strategic partners of SEDD whereas they provide number of procedures and services that are looked at as one of the main priorities in conducting business activities. The Chairman carried on that the Department is pleased to partner with “Aamal” which will be an addition to SEDD’s service providers and an effective contributor to raising the level of efficiency in serving the business community from public and customers.

Besides, HE clarified that the percentage of transactions achieved through the service centers and digital services during the period from January to August reached 86% of the transactions completed at the level of the emirate. Such a thing confirms the success of the Department in the process of digital transformation of procedures to provide all facilities and provide many channels to complete transactions as soon as possible in order to promote investments and achieve sustainable economic development in Sharjah.

Likely, the Chairman pointed out that SEDD will provide a package of programs and training courses for the Center's staff, periodic visits to review the efficiency of the Center, and a set of mutual workshops to exchange information on any update on registration procedures and licensing of commercial activities. Such activities include internal memoranda and federal laws and changes in electronic services, through the procedures followed by the Department. Also, it is worth mentioning that the MOU represents the continuous efforts in diversifying the channels of providing services whereby the number of service centers of SEDD reached 12 ones.  

Furthermore, HE SEDD Chairman added that the Department is continuously striving to enhance excellence in the provision of electronic services with various private sectors. Also, it will work in collaboration with service center to come up with the best and innovative mechanisms for speed and accuracy in execution.