“SEDD”, “SRTIP” sign MoU


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” and Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park “SRTIP” emphasized on the importance of developing and enhancing mutual cooperation between the two parties especially in the fields of water technology, logistics, multi-technology, electronic numbering, environmental technology, production and architecture design. Also, they stressed on the importance of placing economic plans in order to highlight the economic activities locally and globally. In addition, they looked through the development of economic projects by providing facilitates and incentives to attract investments in the Emirate of Sharjah, and conduct needed studies related to the economic business and investment tools, as well as methods and systems necessary to make good use of the Emirate's resources in order to provide the best services in all sectors.

Therefore, the two sides signed MoU by HE Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman and HE Hussein Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, Chief Executive Officer of SRTIP. The MoU states that the two parties should strengthen cooperation and mutual work between them and exchange needed experience and knowledge. Also, it states that SEDD should establish a mechanism for e-linking between the parties to facilitate the process of conducting business.

Commenting of the sign of the agreement, HE Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, praised on the continuous communication between the two parties and the significant role that they play in serving the public in general and the investment and economic activities in particular. HE pointed out that SEDD places great efforts in developing economic projects by offering the needed facilitates and incentives to attract investments in Sharjah due to its role of controlling economic activities and licenses in the Emirate. In addition, HE gave a detailed explanation about SEDD’s role in using the latest technologies, improving procedures in all the departments and branches, as well as adopting e-linking with various government and federal entities. All of this goes in line with the wise directives of HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, and the pursuit of HH Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammed bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown Prince, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and Chairman of the Executive Council.

Furthermore, HE pointed out that the signing of this agreement will contribute to the enhancement and development of services between the two sides. Also, it will help in promoting the ideal environment for the development of economic activity through the activation of technology and innovation in the economic, social and cultural work procedures.

Moreover, HE stressed that this agreement comes within SEDD’s concerns to promote organizational competitiveness and to attain comprehensive and sustainable development according to the local government’s strategy. Also, HE moved on that this agreement will help in attaining the mutual objectives that contribute to the public interest, strengthen mutual cooperation which will contribute in enhancing the performance of the national economy and competitiveness of different economic sectors. In addition, this agreement will also help to create a conductive environment for investment, as well as to exchange expertise and knowledge, which will enhance the level of easing the process to conduct business in Sharjah and contribute to raise the level of attractiveness in the Emirate, which will support the attraction of more businesses. 

From his side, HE Hussain Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, Chief Executive Officer of SRTIP, emphasized that the signing of the memorandum is an important achievement to unify the mutual efforts and attain the ultimate goal of enhancing investment services to promote the global competitiveness of Sharjah. Such thing is done due to the wise directives of HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, to activate the partnership and integration between the various parties, thus enhancing the emirate's position on the business and investment map in the region. In addition, Al Mahmoudi illustrated that this MOU is crucial in attracting leading technological and innovative companies that aspire to set up their projects in the PARK by providing necessary legislative and innovation support.

Likely, the MOU aims at benefiting from the potentials of each party and exchanging experiences and knowledge in the field of investment promotion, seeking to strengthen strategic partnerships with various parties by activating the role of the two parties in order to serve Sharjah's approach towards knowledge-based economy.

Besides, Al Mahmoudi added that Granting investors and companies registered with PARK licenses issued from SEDD to enable them to operate in the Emirate of Sharjah is an added advantage to the range of advantages and facilities that will enable the PARK to be a center for research, development and innovation in the region. In addition, it will help in making SRTIP a destination for international research companies, researchers and innovators of students and academics. It should be noted that SRTIP created a research and development model through its relations with the world's most prestigious universities and institutions. Such thing helped it to establish a world-class innovative investment research environment that combines the public, private and academic sectors by focusing on a number of priorities in our work: water technology, renewable energy, environment technology, transportation technology, Information technology, industrial design and architecture".