Booth/Counter Permit

  • 1. Booth/Counter

  • Summary

    This service enables companies to request a temporary permit to run the license in another location for a certain period

  • Details of Procedures

    1. Accepting booths’ orders with valid commercial licenses issued from any emirate in UAE. 
    2. Permit period should not exceed 11 consecutive or intermittent months.

  • Required Documents

    • Fill in Permit form.
    • Agreement letter from the center or the site where the booth will be held including the type of activity, the allowed period to carry on business through the booth as well as lease price.
    • Booth picture or photo and location map.
    • An approval is acquired from the Food Control Section at the Public Health Department in Sharjah City Municipality when promoting for and selling food products.
    • An approval is required from Sharjah Ministry of Health when promoting for medicines and treating material.

  • Service Channels

    • SEDD branches.
    • SEDD website.
    • Service centers.
    • SEDD application.

  • Fees


    • AED 1500 for a license issued by the Emirate of sharjah
    • AED 2000 for a license issued outside the Emirate of sharjah

  • Tel.


  • هاتف الاستفسارات