This service enables investors to request permission to establish an exhibition or create a heritage village, Entertainment Park, commercial exhibition or tent and other exhibitions. 

  • 1. Exhibition Permit

  • Summary

    • Is a permit to establish:
      • Heritage village.
      • Entertainment Park or playground.
      • Commercial exhibition.
      • Commercial tent.
      • Others.

  • Details of Procedures

    1. Exhibition permit request should be provided in no less than a month from the time it begins.
    2. Permission should be handed to organizing events licenses and exhibition management issued in Sharjah.
    3. Everything related to exhibitions should be removed with 48 hours from permit expiration date.

  • Required Documents

    • Fill in Exhibition Permit form.
    • Exhibition request letter.
    • No Objection Letter from the concerned parties (site owner – Civil Defence – etc.).
    • Permits of any accompanying promotional campaigns if exited (refer to promotional campaign requirements and conditions).
    • Samples of advertising materials including Arabic ones and consumer protection logo. 

  • Service Channels

    • SEDD branches – Commercial Permits Section.
    • SEDD website.
    • Service centers.
    • SEDD application.

  • Fees

    • Fees are determined depending on site size.
    • Area from 1 to 500 ft2: ......... AED 10,000 per month
    • Area from 501 to 1000 ft2: .... AED 20,000 per month
    • Area of more than 1000 ft2......... AED 30,000 per month
    • Additional fees are required for advertising materials.

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