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SEDD Seizes more than 30 Thousand Counterfeit Pieces


Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” and confiscated counterfeit goods including 24634 air bag covers, 5508 emblems for automobile companies and 44 front headers for cars, with a total of confiscated goods valued at AED 65810. This seizure comes in response to the complaint of the trademark owners and within the efforts of Department to monitor the markets and confront all negative phenomena and violations of the laws thus to ensure that the markets of the emirate are free of harmful goods.

Commenting on this, HE Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi, SEDD Chairman, said that the Department will always work to protect the market in the Emirate from this category which is working to achieve material gains at the expense of people and their safety through commercial fraud. HE also pointed out that the Department will carry on its procedures to put an end to such traders whom try to make quick and illegal profits to ensure people’s safety when purchasing.

Likely, HE pointed out that the inspection campaigns will continue on the existing markets and establishments in the Emirate. Such thing is done in order to ensure compliance of all with the rules and regulations applied in the country and to provide the best services to the consumer. In addition, HE stressed that Department will carry on its role at maintaining the integrity of the markets. All of this will help to ensure that no one will sell or promote for any product that does not meet the terms and conditions, pointing out that the work of controlling and monitoring the markets will continue to stop violators.

From his side, Salim Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Deputy Director of Commercial Control and Protection Department at SEDD, said that the Department and its Commercial Officers work continuously to monitor the markets to protect them from all aspects of commercial fraud and legal violations. He also stressed that the inspection campaigns carried out by the Department on the existing markets and establishments in the Emirate will continue to ensure that everyone should adheres to the applicable rules and regulations and provides the best services to the consumer.

Likewise, SEDD will continue to play this role, which is one of its priorities to protect markets and shops to ensure the end of the promotion and sale of goods that do not meet the terms and conditions, pointing out that awareness campaigns and control of markets will continue.

In addition, Salim Al Suwaidi stressed on the importance of avoiding cheap imitation goods by consumers, especially those in which the consumer is exposed to continuous biological use, such as cleaning materials, because the use of these goods has negative effects on the environment and the health of consumers and society.

On the other hand, Ali Fadil, Head of Protection Section at SEDD, stated that the main objective of inspection campaigns is to ensure the safety of the products in the market. Also, such campaigns aim to conform to the quality standards in order to provide safety to consumers as well as to preserve the rights of major companies and international brands.

Furthermore, Ali Fadil pointed out that the Department in keen on to intensify such campaigns and to hold them continuously through a comprehensive plan, carried out throughout the year by the competent team of commercial officers in the Commercial Control and Protection Department. He clarified that all of these efforts fall within SEDD’s concerns to stop all acts of commercial fraud and to reduce the negative practices that some traders may resort to.

Moreover, Ali Fadil called all consumers to communicate with the Department in case of facing any counterfeit product or commercial fraud through the call center 80080000, consumer protection website, or SEDD application available through smart phones. Such thing falls within their active participation to control the market by reporting of infringing cases to take necessary actions.