Certificates and Awards

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

ISO certificate for customer satisfaction measurement and monitoring system specification 10004:2018

ISO certification for Complaint Management System 10002:2018

ISO certificate for customer service charter standard 10001:2018

ISO certification for Information Technology Services Management Standard 2018: 20000-1

ISO certification for information security and protection standard 27001: 2013

ISO certification for Business Continuity Management 22301:2019

ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification

ISO certification for Standard Comparison System 7070: 2016

Participation in the first forum on public building legalities

Participate in the success of the academic year of the Higher Colleges of Technology

Participate in the Pink Caravan Campaign

Participation in GITEX exhibition

Participation in the sporting events of the educational institutions of the Emirate

Participation in the social activities of governmental social agencies and institutions

Participation in the National Voluntary Program (SANED)

Participate in programs for preparing distinguished administrators and leaders

Participate in environmental awareness campaigns for visitors to wild areas in Sharjah

Participation in the success of the job seekers program - the second

Participation in World Health Day

Participation in Sharjah Heritage Days

Participation in the International Day of the Elderly

Honoring the Department by the Ministry of Economy in recognition of its efforts in organizing campaigns to monitor goods and markets and protect consumers

Honoring the department by the Louis Vuitton Malibere company for the intensive efforts that the department works to reduce the phenomenon of commercial fraud and detect counterfeit goods in the markets

Honoring the Department by Grohe Company for the intensive efforts that the Department works to reduce the phenomenon of commercial fraud and detect counterfeit goods in the markets