Service Details

Trade Name Amendment

This service enables companies to amend the trade name or their activities. The owner of the reserved trade name can apply for this service in advance to amend it.

1. Applying for service.

2. Transaction Auditing / Determining fees.

3. Paying fees/ Receiving Certificate.

4. Completing Procedures. 

This refers to any amendment to be applied to the Trade Name or business activity, adding a business partner or service agent, withdrawal of a business partner, amending the license type or the legal business status.

  1. Investor should fill in license form with the needed data that he/she wants to amend in trade name.
  2.  Investor should submit the license Form to Trade Name Section employee in order to enter the data to be modified.
  •  License Form.
  •  Copy of investor's valid passport, as well as national ID and residence for foreigner.
  • Investor licenses statement if available.
  • Certified No Objection Letter for non-investors in cases of adding partner.
  • Approvals from official authorities if necessary depending on business nature.
  • SEDD branches – Commercial Permits Section.
  • SEDD website.
  • Service centers.
  • SEDD application
  1. Investor should head to Trade Names Section to approve the presence of all parties and to sign the Form.
  2. Investor should head to Commercial Legal Affairs Section to ensure that there are no any legal actions to be carried on the license.
  3. In case of the presence of any legal action, it should be eliminated first from the Commercial Legal Affairs Section. Then the procedure must be completed at the Trade Names Section.
  4.  The payment voucher should be issued with the determined fees for cancellation to be collected as well as the issuance of the invoice.
  • Applicant should pay the fees due and receive trade name cancellation certificate. 
  • SEDD branches.
  • SEDD website.
  • Service centers.
  • SEDD application.

Trade Name Amendment: ............................. AED 100

Translated Trade Name Amendment: . AED1100

(for local and foreign companies branches)

Foreign Trade Name Amendment: ...... AED 2100

(for local and foreign companies branches)
Investors, or their representatives, should head to the Inspection Section or Commercial Legal Affairs Section to complete the amendment procedures.